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Recognizing our online community is diverse with individual skills and challenges, we encourage members to consider creating a personal rule (way) of life they choose to follow. The rules may be as diverse as our members, yet we all share an intimate love for our Savior Jesus Christ and are committed to growing in His love and grace through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sister Ita Dorothy was the first person in our community to give permission to publish her Rule, and we are most grateful to her.

The following is the Personal Rule of Life our Sister Ita Dorothy composed as her spiritual compass:

1 the Blessed Mother as my model and guide, I will live my life in quiet simplicity, pondering the Life of Christ continually in my heart. I will be kind to all others, gentle to myself and to all of God's creation and Creatures. Never misusing or abusing any of God's creation. I will embrace our loving Lord Jesus, having every confidence God the Father will provide for me and my family, and look forward to the Holy Spirit, my Comforter so filling my life that I may reflect the glory of the Trinity, through my consideration of others.

2. Prayer on Holy Scripture and periods of solitary and private devotion (Rosary, Jesus Prayer etc.) to the Lord Jesus Christ, is integrated into my life.

3. The fruits of the Spirit: joy, love, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance I gently interweave into my personality.

4. In keeping with hospitality, I welcome all who the Lord puts into my path, both friend stranger, helping to provide for the needs of the less fortunate, through prayer, and giving anyway am able through

5. I will find times of both work, play, rest, recreation, being joyful each day and helping others to find the joy in life and God's creation, spending time in nature, praising and enjoying God's creation and all His creatures.

6. I will use "Book of Hours" as my prayer-book for my daily offices, using the Catholic daily scripture readings and psalms, will have worship service, when able with permission, in my cell.

7. I will keep in contact and give a report on my ministry, at least every week and updates monthly to you.

8. I will live in tranquility and silence, allowing my spirit to listen to the gentle whispering of the Trinity, directing my life, when I speak I will speak encouragement not discouragement, I will speak the Gospel, kindness love to all.

9. Intercessory prayers for others, my community will be a part of my prayer and my ministry will be caregiving, both physical and spiritual, as the Lord directs and guides me.

10. I will review my rule periodically, and make any updates or changes as needed.

Much love and blessings,

Sr. Ita Dorothy

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