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The Persecuted Church
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The Joy of Spiritual Discipline


Advent, 2012
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Daily Living.

Forever His.

There is debate among the Christian community whether one can lose their salvation. Certainly in the Roman Catholic Church the doctrine of mortal sin is an example of this concept. Yet, if we live in fear of losing fellowship with God, we let Satan win. There is little the Evil One wants more than to make us believe we are not beloved by God - that our Father is on the verge of rejecting us at any given time.
While always understanding the immensity and glory and omnipotence of God, we do well to remember that He loves us so intimately that He has counted every hair on our heads.

The Persecuted Church

For the last several months we have been aware of the persecution of Christians by ISIS  in the Middle East. For decades Christians have been persecuted in Asia and in African countries. And yet, Christianity is thriving in these areas.
I often think we in the West (I live in California) have a very shallow understanding of what it means to be a Christian. We are concerned over which church has the best worship music, the shortest sermons, and the most people attending. In some ways, the church we attend is "trendy.

The Joy of Spiritual Discipline

The Joy of Spiritual Discipline
Modern American culture, and increasingly within the walls of Evangelical Churches, finds a wide chasm between “discipline” and “joy.” Spiritual discipline often brings to mind such exercises as reading the Bible in one yearand (to a less comfortable extent) tithing.
In this blog I will briefly discuss the origins, purpose, necessity and benefits of spiritual discipline.

            We can begin in Genesis, chapter four, where Cain and Abel offer their sacrifices to God and tithing has its origins.

Eternal Perspective

Living life with a deep and longing desire to be with the Holy Trinity in heaven (when God's purpose for us here is complete) helps keep us grounded in the turmoil life on earth inevitably sends our way.
Let us pray for the elderly who are confined to their homes or in convalescent centers. Let us pray they have assurance God has them in this season of their lives for a purpose, even if it is as simple as showing kindness to their caretakers.
If you have time and feel the good Lord directing you, stop by an elder-care home and bring a smile to the forgotten ones in our midst.


Today, 08/27/2012, we celebrate the feast of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended on the hearts and souls of Jesus' disciples and renewed their hearts and minds. Please read Acts chapter 2 for the incredible account of transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit.
We must remember that as Christians, the Holy Spirit dwells within us. I like to consider the indwelling Spirit as the engine in a very powerful car. We have the Spirit of God living in us, just as the vehicle has the engine idling in it.


We are often assaulted with tribulations and trials that may seem overwhelming. The key to remember is the lesson learned from the Book of Job. God allowed Satan to plague poor Job, yet not beyond the point of breaking.
Two lessons for this blog...
1) God is always, ALWAYS, in control of what Satan can and can't get away with. If we hold on to the Holy Trinity, we have a strong and steady anchor.
2) God never has to sit down and explain things to us. We just need to trust Him and love Him, and know He is our ever-loving Father.

A great day to be alive!

After a wonderful sleep, I have an opportunity to touch others with the love of Jesus - what a blessing!

Walking with God

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection is a simple collection of letters by a simple monk who lived in the seventeenth century. He simply wanted to live every moment in conversation with God. He wanted to out-love God, but found it impossible. The little book has survived for three centuries for a good reason. Please do yourself (and those around you) a favor by reading and living this book.
In Christ,
Br. Joe

Love at all Times.

Love always, at all times, especially when it is difficult.
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